The Unfinished Fight for Freedom

One purpose of this site is toshow you that terrorism is not simply a struggle between good guys and bad guys.

There are complex social forcesthat shape our lives – everyone’s life.  That includes you and me.  The more we understand about how these forces operate, the better we can make informed decisions.

One way to influence people in foreign countries, is to be a good role model.  If we are going to help people change for the better, it makes sense to start with ourselves.

Child development relationship is altered by the influences of moderncivilization, and also in developing countries that have been torn by war over periods of many years, such as Afghanistan.

Children are often damaged by neglect, control, abuse, and the falseideas that pervade their society.   Fear, anger, bad memories, and a host of things that defy description, reside in their minds long after the circumstances that caused them.  They are vulnerable and may fall prey to people that promise that if they give their time, energy, and money now, they will find happiness in the future.

Our modern society has fostered the development of institutions ingovernmenteducation, health-care, and others.  These have taken on a life of their own, just like people.  They will fight to survive, and will lie if necessary, directly or indirectly.  These institutions can be parasitic, and control our lives, if we allow them to.  A successful parasite has « stealth » properties, which is to say that it does everything it can to look beneficial and wholesome.  This is extremely deceptive.

A parasitic institutionoperates by leading people down a primrose path.   It often has a way of dulling people’s minds by a variety of methods.  One way involves keeping people very busy.  Someone who is « snowed under, » doesn’t have time to think.Many people have diedbefore us in the quest forfreedom.   But the struggle is not over.  It requires that you
use your mind – thinking 
independently – reexamining long held belief systems.  Things are not always as they appear.

Don’t wait until the effects of global warming are irreversible – or anemerging incurable virus ravages the earth.  Act now.  Follow the links to the group of sites that expose the root causes of social dysfunction.